Don’t Try to Avoid the IRS

Confront your tax issues with confidence in Staten Island, NY

Reasons you may have to face the IRS

The IRS is charged with making sure everyone pays their taxes. Maybe you’ve made a mistake on a personal tax form or forgotten to pay taxes on property. Whatever the circumstances, we can help you work through them. We can provide guidance if:

  • You’ve received notice of an audit
  • You have a problem on a tax return
  • You owe money to the IRS
  • You are behind on taxes
Rely on ECB Consulting, Inc. to find solutions to your IRS negotiations.

Having to deal with an IRS audit can be a frightening prospect, but you don’t have to go it alone. ECB Consulting, Inc. offers services to help you deal with the IRS. Paul Evangelista is an Enrolled Agent and can represent you in front of the IRS when you’re dealing with tax issues. He has the expertise to guide you through the process and the credentials to negotiate settlements on your behalf.

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